Combining principal protection and yield enhancement

At LIA we believe that an investment product is a vehicle that should propel you to achieve your goals. That is why we offer structured products, an investment vehicle that can be designed to your needs and which provide capital protection against market downturns and offer recurring periodic returns to optimize the risk / return ratio. Structured notes with LIA design are a hybrid between a fixed income instrument and an equity instrument, resulting in the efficiency of bringing the two worlds together.

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About us

Legacy Wealth Group is a company incorporated and domiciled in BVI (British Virgin Islands) that offers private and confidential investment plans through its Legacy Income Account (LIA) product.

LIA was born when a group of professionals, with more than 10 years of experience in financial advisory came together to design the product that fit their client’s needs: a product that offered liquidity, protection, that did not have administrative or transactional costs, and that offered attractive periodic returns.

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